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Rain Chudori
Founder & Creative Editor

Rain Chudori is a writer and translator. She writes and creates concepts for Murmur. Her column Mémoire Du Jour, is a recollection of love and literature. She has written for The Jakarta Post and other publications. Her book, Monsoon Tiger and Other Stories is published by KPG Gramedia and was exhibited at Frankfurt Book Fair 2015. She can be contacted through twitter, instagram, and email.


Nadia Rompas
Art Director & Operations Manager

Nadia Rompas is a writer and visual artist based in Melbourne, Australia. She's written for Exclaim!, Artichoke Magazine, and other publications, and currently focusing on her masters at the University of Melbourne. You can contact her via instagram, twitter, and email.


Melicia Zaini
Senior Fiction Editor

Melicia Zaini is a writer and costume designer currently based in Vancouver, BC. She is currently pursuing a BFA in theatre design and production in the University of British Columbia. When she’s not writing or designing costumes, she reads and dances as much as she can. You can read what she has written on her column The Goddess of Small Things, or write to her yourself.


Krisna Adhi Pradipta
Senior Nonfiction Editor

Krisna Adhi Pradipta is a writer, editor, and all around goofball. Fresh off an undergraduate degree in journalism from University of New South Wales, he has written for Australian Gourmet Traveller, The Jakarta Post, and several online medias. His search for his roots brought him to work as the program manager for the Australian-Indonesian student association. His passion includes food, travel, and film. He can be contacted through his email.


Debarun Sarkar
Fiction Editor

Debarun Sarkar is an alumnus of English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad and Presidency University, Kolkata where he studied English and Sociology respectively. He is currently halting in Calcutta. You can find his work at


Troy Cabida
Fiction Editor

Troy Cabida (b. 1995) is a Manila-born poet, editor and budding spoken-word artist currently based in London. A Barbican Young Poet 2016-2017, some of his recent poems have appeared on Bukambibig, Cha: An Asian Literary Journal, We Are A Website, The Traveling Poet, W.I.S.H., Eastlit and The Ofi Press, where his poem was translated into Spanish. He is currently fiction editor for The Murmur House and previously has edited issues for Siblíní Journal, Thought Notebook and 30 Days Dry by poet-playwright Robert Eric Shoemaker. Catch him blogging over at


Kanika Lawton
Community Manager

Kanika Lawton is a poet and editor from Vancouver, Canada. She received a Bachelor's degree in Psychology with a Minor in Film Studies from the University of British Columbia, where she also served as an editor with the UBC Undergraduate Film Student Association. She is the founder and editor-in-chief of L’Éphémère Review and edits for Venus Magazine. A 2013 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards Gold and Silver Key recipient, her work has appeared in The Rising Phoenix Review, Rambutan Literary, Ricepaper Magazine, Bombus Press, and PUBLIC POOL, among others. Ocean-bound since birth, she can frequently be found trying to find solace in tide pools along the West Coast. You can find her on Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr.


Ican Chandra
Marketing Manager

Chrys Chandra (or, as her Indonesian friends call her, Ican) is a Sydney-based meme-loving film enthusiast. When she’s not wasting her day playing Overwatch or building new characters in The Sims, you can probably find her in a Korean BBQ eating fatty meat and kimchi jiggae. She can be contacted via twitter, linkedin, or email.


Claudia Sinaga
Website Designer

Claudia Sinaga is a writer and part-time web designer based in Toronto, Canada. She writes about life, love and the unbearable burden of adulthood. Her hobby is drinking grown men under the table. Yes, she is cooler than you. When she's not asleep on the couch after reading far too little, you can find her pursuing a degree in Political Science and English Literature in York University. She can be contacted through her instagram, twitter, and email.


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