welcome home, starling

you are safe now

Thomasson kiss

Thomasson kiss

Laters hang around a will

In the hills just hanging around

The bushes there to beat around

Will not sprout into aster

But a bed of wait and ponder

With terrene smell that lingers

Latered a summer to eternal

Until my sweat creates a wave

Alas he has been around twice

A friend of mine waves from cold distance

Deserted me back

To winter days

I forsake my cloak before I kneel

Beneath beggar for your goodbye

Of a kiss on the lips of a beau inside red wool

At least tonight, at last the night,

Alas in white is any other night

A friend willingly let me walk out on

Red onto my snow globe souvenir

For my lonely mother

I will marry a stupid boy

With beet juice oath in rouge and ennui

Who kiss better my grey scars as scabs

And softly caresses me back to the flight

Of captain speaking in verses before obedience hours

For darkness lights a fright and fright chants prayers

Of silence and bourbon and a pat of butter

Buckled up with fathers succumbing to alloys

With the dream of a view before the blinds

Alas I can’t pretend the clouds are the prize

For I’ve been around yearning and I have yielded twice

For a true lover’s kiss at last I taste tonight


Aysya (Asa) Tujuanto is very a confused girl trying to organise her very thoughts and feelings that was once abandoned out of her cultish yet really wonderful upbringing of mystical restricted thoughts and beliefs. Currently studying film and photography in Melbourne, Australia. aysyatujuanto@gmail.com or kidaboutit on twitter
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