welcome home, starling

you are safe now

Colpo D’ala (From Above)

Colpo D’ala (From Above)

For the first

time he is putting skin

back on, re-covering something

stripped of its sleek silver surface. He has seen

its innards, drowned his hands in cool secrets lurking within

the disintegrating hull of the grand metal bird. How, he wonders, can she fly?

                    Balanced                   precariously

                                here                                      waiting

        for what? He presses his ear, listens for the dissonance of hidden player pianos,

        chords hollow and fragile. This was not his wish, to dig up the barbless,

        to shatter his teeth on notes better left untasted.

        Discovery precedes realization,

        his is this: some are not

        meant for air.


Riley Woods is a recent graduate of Stetson University. His work covers a variety of topics, often in an attempt to peel back the layers of self and societal formations. He will be attending the University of Montana's MFA program for poetry in the fall. His work has appeared in Oberon Poetry Magazine, Backlash Press, Obra/Artifact, and The Bees are Dead.
A Habitat of Sky

A Habitat of Sky

wilted rose

wilted rose