welcome home, starling

you are safe now

Grieving Song

Grieving Song

stories coming alive in their misery / the

forest rustling / a grandmother

rocking in a chair waiting for a girl to come home.


these are the stories they never told us

  about growing up girl.

the men who see




and take them to throw them in

the lake-


the girl staring in the river


the day her body belonged

to her.


Kelsey Krempasky is a student currently attending the University of Manitoba in Canada. In her spare time she can be found buying more notebooks that she doesn't need or spending time with dogs.  Her work has previously been published in The Rising Phoenix Review and Venus Mag.  You can find her on her twitter @kelseyyb21
Litany of Apologies for the Sad Days

Litany of Apologies for the Sad Days

a long walk

a long walk