welcome home, starling

you are safe now

a long walk

a long walk

I sip my tea as I read this fairy tale of hope,

somehow the story can be so fallible.

get ready immediately, they can only stutter

put my headphones on (muted), walk away from home

that has been sold to the rich, the wealthy,

now the owner.

True as we sin, as I walk pass the wind

I hope my shanks would bring me to

a beach,

I beseech,


a garden,

a heaven?


(blanc. silent. empty.



But the thought of your lies makes my bones crack


I'm still ululating over this boat, almost sinking

Wishing someone nearby would ask me if I

want to join them for wine.


Indah is a novice poet who loves cats, mother nature, and seeing new perspective. Find her on Instagram @ikywindah.
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