welcome home, starling

you are safe now



there’s that sound again of laughter

as soft as clouds moving there’s a 

clicking of pens paper ruffling restless

feet confined under metal desks

winter sun streams in warming their backs

pens scratching pages leaving imprints to be forgotten 

drone of an age old voice while girls like

half moons huddle together whispering 

about school and pimples and the numerous 

revision tables they’ve made trying to force 

themselves to understand math. physics may

 hold answers to the universe but it can

never quite explain what’s hidden in every

locked room in every girl’s heart. it can’t 

tell them whether matte lipsticks are worth 

cracked lips or the minimum mark for an A

or how they’re going to pay for college and

how can it when goddesses like them 

created every law of the cosmos with

hands so open and trusting and auras so

incandescent every room they’re in lights up


Angbeen Abbas is a sad girl from Pakistan. She loves dogs and sunflowers. Her work is forthcoming in Sea Foam Mag. 


I woke up today

I woke up today