welcome home, starling

you are safe now

Seamlessly Broken.

Seamlessly Broken.

look both ways before crossing

the thin line extending from pursed 

lips that taste of oxytocin and

cease slightly in the sun, traced like

a sunflower flowing the sun by

a boy’s head cradled between a 

ribcage and hip bones wondering

if the red inside his eyelids 

comes from inside or out. 


watch your step as you

stumble, not-quite lost, into

synapse forests where endorphins

explode like geysers as 

tectonic fingers bunch up hair

between bruised knuckles

and bitten nails

ready to pull you apart, 

untwine you

and lead you

wrapped around every tree, 

a blood-red thread

marked out as a

safety-line— breadcrumbs

leading the hungry wolves inside

all the way to the centre of 

the woods, 


where crepuscular sunrays 

stab a house pinned to the earth

by weeds. at times, 

i don’t know if you are

the wolves or the sun


because i always lose

my way following the veins

of my arms as they seamlessly

merge with your own.   


Rhys Feeney is a British-born poet living in Wellington, New Zealand, where he’s a recent graduate of English Literature and Film Studies from Victoria University. His work has previously appeared in blackmail press, The Rising Phoenix ReviewSilver Birch Press and Ology Journal. He’s a cat person. More of his work can be found at https://rhysfeeneywriting.tumblr.com