welcome home, starling

you are safe now

if we keep quiet, the stones will cry out

if we keep quiet, the stones will cry out

i can feel my old rhythms creeping up 

trying to choke me beneath the pavement

i wonder if that's how seeds feel

when they are first touched by water 

and know they have to do something about it


does the seed first tries to hold on to

everything that makes it


does it try to make itself even smaller

is it afraid


seed, I'm afraid too, but hear me out

your armor is only meant for a season

you need to






i guess it makes sense

that seeds first grow down


testing their footing

guided by the memory

of what made them alive



seed, I'm afraid too, but do you know

that the world is dying to see us



Julia Mathias is a student of graphic design and poet from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She loves words and art, drinks too much coffee and spends too much time on twitter. You can find her screaming about music/art/poetry there @in_consistent or on her tumblr @popcandy.
end note: petals

end note: petals