welcome home, starling

you are safe now



You're old enough to know how this will end.

Don't long for anyplace you've ever been.

Plane ride to an imaginary friend,

details so perfect he crafts with a pen.


Nothing's as romantic as far away.

Only a stranger can make you feel new.

His city the setting, lines you will say,

you're easily written, so he'll cast you.


A part you sink into; you even smile,

your hair and your body all his to convey.

You forget it's an act after a while.

Then some new director writes you a play.


How old must you be to learn how to stay?

Will you ever not want to runaway?


Kristin Garth is a poet from Pensacola.  Her sonnets and other poetry have been featured in Anti-Heroin Chic, Quail Bell Magazine, Occulum, Digging Through the Fat, Mookychick, Moonchild Magazine, The Society for Classical Poets and more.  She’s currently constructing a poetry dollhouse chapbook entitled Pink Plastic House:  Three Stories of Sonnets.  Follow her on Twitter:  @lolaandjolie.

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