welcome home, starling

you are safe now

Recipes for Wild Garlic

Recipes for Wild Garlic

Cross to an island at low tide

and catch the summer in your hair,


reel him in until he slaps your shins and

drag him up the beach, just you and him,


see the skin bake in your fire,

season with the salt dried on your face


and wild garlic from a forest where

the tree line meets the sand


in an afternoon array of pungent stars:

serve with the remnants of the day


and a chilled breeze; plead with it

not yet, not yet.




Steam the morning in the smoky hiss

of fine rain through settled air,


fold the sound of sprinkling on an anorak

through light laughs like dandelion seeds


slicked on trainers marinated in wet grass:

shiver from the touch of breath at your t-shirt hem,


rub your ankles in wafting tails

of humming green, kick it up in clouds


so strong it burns delicious in your eyes

right along the river bank, smell years in it:


a fragrant punch of a familiar flavour

and each summer more aromatic than the last.



Rebecca is a writer and copy-editor based in Fife, Scotland. Her poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction have appeared in a number of publications both online and in print. She is also a member of the publishing team at Tapsalteerie, publisher of contemporary Scottish poetry pamphlets. You can find her on Twitter @r_arker



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