welcome home, starling

you are safe now

At 2 Megabytes Per Second

At 2 Megabytes Per Second

at two megabytes per second . . .

we chew
with mouth wide open
for our foes to see
what we can swallow:

ribs of a cow,
breast of a chicken,
but not defeat
never our pride

we flash
our bleached white teeth
for our friends to see
they are not cheap:

exquisite desserts
matching purses
yoga courses
bridal showers

we cut
off our roots
for our ancestors to see
we are nowhere near home:

prague in fall
barcelona in summer
maybe a master degree
on international love

we scratch
our lover’s back
for his mistress to see
stamps of our territory:

brain cells
bank savings
sometimes his time
always his soul

we crush
with two bare palms
for god to see
he in his children:
but not without mercy
never foul

we stretch
‘til we break our arms
for ourselves to see
you & i

the infants of today
monsters of tomorrow
always   having   all
never     being at all



Good Taste

Good Taste