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welcome home, starling

you are safe now

It's Cold and I'm Afraid

It's Cold and I'm Afraid

don’t look at me, you say. my eyes frozen to the pavement

with your words, the slow hum of ólafur arnalds’ new single

thumping like heartbeat; like something alive besides you.


it’s my turn to balk, but i don’t see anything–

correction i:     i can’t see you. i can’t see your shadow or your breaths

shivering in the air around us and i try not to look but look, it’s so hard


when your laugh intermingles with the piano that reverberates through

every subatomic particle, both hollow/full     like you’re here/not

and winter sweeps in just like that, in a split second, like you know


my brother used to play on stage like death chased him around.

Photo Credit: LadyMoonchild via Compfight cc



Night Follows

Night Follows