welcome home, starling

you are safe now



1 //

no need for that, i’m daddy’s girl
soft skin like cherry and pink cheeks
ripe like dew i
like those maraschinos,
daddy, i

first word out my pout in the mornings is
your name,
the little boys they cry and i’m
just a baby they
want so much to be six feet tall and
make messes
(flash flood try to drown me)

do tell, daddy
how well do wings work in the land of milk and
how well do fingers crumble in the bed
of garden roses

from Mars

2 //

if you’ve got a moment silk enough to steal,
drive by the Bay and watch as the clouds
butter up the horizon, wave of blue against
bluer hue hiding the ditches full of crabs and
kelp like carpet. light up a cigarette, do this
in remembrance of me, tear up with peachy hands
the kelp coming in to scrape at your weathered feet,
no bruises

you don’t have to be a giant to rule the world
you can spit thoughts into your hands and
warm the body with them. you can catch the
hope and tear it in your hands and eat raspberries
with whipped cream and flourish like chilled
wonder in a place only God knows

Photo credit: Jay Mantri
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