welcome home, starling

you are safe now



i. losing things
your favourite hairtie, your favourite people to be with,
your lucky charm,
and your home

your will to write, your voice

your identity, after moving to a strange new place,
and your mother’s love

ii. finding things
your favourite hairtie among your dirty laundry,
your new necklace that is now your new lucky charm,
and your new self that just cannot be

your love for folklore, your old journal entries,

your friend’s long lost words for you,
and your will to, at last, love again


Meivy spends her days thinking about things she want to write about and admiring simple yet fascinating people from her home. She tells tale of her new life in Yogyakarta on twitter.
Poisonously White

Poisonously White

Not Forgotten

Not Forgotten