Press & Interviews

"We first found The Murmur House on Twitter, and quickly pre-ordered the inaugural edition of Murmur, its literary journal. I still remember the surge of warmth I felt when the journal came, with its origami cat, literary quote, and brilliant collection of prose, poems, and essays."

"Travel to faraway places, make the acquaintance of unique friends, and let the imagination run wild — it can all be accomplished simply by reading an intriguing story. Rain Chudori and Syarafina Vidyadhana, or Avi, can relate to this well as they have always enjoyed reading; more than that, they also like to share their thoughts on literature in all its forms. This shared passion has led the two friends to establish Murmur House."

"With the local literary scene stepping into the spotlight this October at the Frankfurt Book Fair, where Indonesia will be the Guest of Honor country, Murmur House has come around at a perfect time." 

"It [the murmur house] channels the inner voices of promising young writers - mostly Millennial - who are more worldly and eloquent in showcasing their emotions." 


"The Murmur House hadir dan berharap menjadi tempat bagi penulis muda untuk terhubung kembali dengan realita dan dunia sesungguhnya, dengan orang-orang baru, dengan emosi dan diri mereka sendiri. Semangat yang diusung The Murmur House adalah belajar dan berkembang bersama."