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Happy Together: Nandya Gita x Radityo Wicaksono

Happy Together: Nandya Gita x Radityo Wicaksono

In this first instalment of our new couple series, The Murmur House met up with Jakarta’s nu-internet dream duo Nandya Gita (Tata a.k.a @skinnymarie) and Radityo Wicaksono (Tyo a.k.a @radtherandom) in Glodok – the city’s Chinatown, on a day of stories, of merriment and of the Bee Gees. 

It was a hot and humid Saturday afternoon, they arrived on a white vespa in front of Pantjoran Tea House, like a modern-age 1950s movie vis-à-vis Roman Holiday, where we chatted and exchanged pleasantries and stories. 

Tata, a fashion stylist, came dressed in an ‘80s inspired navy bowling shirt with Internet darling du jour Chandler Bing’s name embroidered on the chest and flared denim pants. It was a blue-hued ensemble with red accents that matched her vibrant coral blue hair. Tyo, a graphic designer, was all Atlanta via Jakarta, with a pink hoodie under a blue jacket, paired with navy grid trousers and good, reliable Vans shoes. It wasn’t a fashion you’d normally expect in South-East Asia, much less conservative Jakarta. 

We quickly got them to spill quick deets on their relationship after some quick sips of tea. They had their start online, on Twitter - after being introduced to each other by a mutual friend at Java Rockin’ Land in 2009.

“We mentioned each other a lot and eventually we even flirted on there, because we realised that we shared the same interests,” Tata said. 

It was the perfect start of a promising but unexpected romantic relationship, which would be the dream if they weren’t already attached to other people. 

“Around that time Tyo was still in a relationship with a mutual friend… we got blocked online and badmouthed for that,” she said. 

It was messy drama that led to three years of awkwardness with said friend (that thankfully ended well), but six years later – their relationship still goes strong, all thanks to their similar interests in humor, fun and style. 

From regular thrifting trips at Pasar Senen to making out on Balai Sudirman’s helipad (“We did that during the sunset too. It was really cinematic. Is this TMI?” Tata said), a combination of full-blown spontaneity and passion in fashion are the routine hallmarks of this couple. 

“We call them kegiatan (activities),” Tyo said.

“We found that there’s always a reason to go somewhere or I would find places to go. For example, one time I bought two tickets for the lift in Monas.” 

“Our favourite is getting told off by security guards because we like trespassing, though,” Tyo says, laughing.

“The other day we got shooed by a security guard at Pacific Place. I wanted to take a picture in front of truck on the street that has some cool writing but then got told off. I suspect that it must have been a secret vehicle or something because it was a giant thing parked on the street without any covers.”

Soon after Pantjoran Tea House, we hit the streets. After a short stint in a food vendor shop where we played around with gun-shaped mooncakes, we soon arrived at the Chandra food court. It was a hazy, smoke-filled food court frequented by older Chinese men and women, looking like it was ripped straight out of a Wong Kar Wai flick. We were greeted by the manager who encouraged us to go on the court’s open-mic karaoke. Not two seconds later, Tyo was suddenly on-stage singing passionately to The Bee Gees’ “To Love Somebody” in accompaniment of two ladies dancing together to his killer version

The crowd loved Tyo’s performance, so much so that a few people came up to our table to give him a compliment. One of those folks we found on stage moments later, singing passionately to “To Love Somebody” with Tyo and a regular customer hitting it off on the dance floor. Tyo’s well-loved presence carried on even as we were leaving with many approaching us to say their goodbyes. 

The day winded down after the food court antics, it was a much eventful day for us, but to them, this was just one of those “kegiatan” days. So we’d just have to ask, very capitalistically, – are they going to make something together?

“We don't want to be company slaves all our lives, so we hope to create something cool together in the future.”

 “It would probably be something to do with clothes, maybe socks. But our trouble is Tata’s difficulty to stick on specific references and idea. The last thing we tried to do was Atomic Corpse Modelling Agency. The idea is to hire talent who are ‘ugly and proud’,” Tyo said as he showed us their lookbook.

With their full-time jobs, it would be hard to dedicate themselves to a new, independent business. Tata admits, “We actually have ideas and time but we’re not dedicated enough yet. We had plans with our friends to make a magazine but it didn’t really go through. So I guess we need someone who’s always keeping track and pushing to get the work done.”

Lightning Round

The Murmur House: What was your first date?

NG: In the beginning, we were in a long distance relationship. He was in Bandung, I was in Jakarta. We’d meet once every two weeks and take turns going to Jakarta and Bandung.

RW: Our first date was at the planetarium in Jakarta followed by a movie at Pasar Senen. We watched Midnight Collar – a Chinese film about a person who likes to call someone at night and terrorise people.

NG: It was the first time we met since JRL, and I came 2 hours late. I must’ve been such a turn-off! Anyway, the theatre was so packed that we had to sit on the floor with a bunch of primary school kids. It was my first time there, and it was such an absurd theatre. People can smoke and sell food in the theatre!

RW: After that, I dropped her off under a tree in front of Grand Indonesia.


Where do you guys like to go?

NG: We really like going to museums. We’ve visited each one in Jakarta, actually.

RW: Yeah! Unfortunately I never visited a lot of places in my previous relationships. We’d only go out to eat and watch a movie.

NG: See, I’m a life changer!

RW: No, I was already like that but just never found anyone to do it with! (Both laughs)


Do you co-ordinate your outfits when you go out together?

NG:  We’re too lazy for that but sometimes we accidentally colour-coordinate.

RW: I’m against that, especially couple t-shirts like those Star Wars themed ones. I don’t know why.

NG: The only “couple item” we have is a COMME DES FUCK DOWN t-shirt.

RW: We got it around the time A$AP Rocky surfaced.


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