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Film Selections 09: Endings

Film Selections 09: Endings

What’s bittersweet about going towards the end of a journey—any journey—is that there will be a series of histories in your head that contain the annals of all your feeling. Opening it is an outpouring of your contentment, your sorrows, your notoriety, your good deeds, and so on and so forth – all these things that form memories. The norm is to just reminisce and move on, quickly repressing these things back into the void-like recesses of your mind. However, there are some of us who has quite a hard time letting go of these memories.

Because of my expertise in enfeebling emotions within specific period of time, I would quickly melt into a quagmire of feelings. For me, endings would feel like settling down, sacrificing. And it is a horrible feeling to feel when you’re still in your 20s. But yet it stays with me – still - until now. But yet, sporadically, I would stumble to a place where I wish there will be no ending.

Therefore, these are the films that resemble endings, as I know it. Feel free to relate in one of them, or to none of them. 

MELANCHOLIA (Dir: Lars Von Trier, 2011)

Starring: Kirsten Dunst, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Kiefer Sutherland, Charlotte Rampling, John Hurt

Of course, I would start it with probably one of the bleakest films ever made.

HAPPY-GO-LUCKY (Dir: Mike Leigh, 2008)

Starring: Sally Hawkins, Alexis Zegerman, Eddie Marsan, Samuel Roukin, Sinead Matthews

Sometimes, I would fall in love with a cheerful protagonist, and I want all the bitterness around her to end.

HUSBANDS AND WIVES (Dir: Woody Allen, 1992)

Starring: Woody Allen, Mia Farrow, Judy Davis, Sydney Pollack, Juliette Lewis

And also, sometimes I would fall in love with people who fall in and out of love, and wish that their horrifying bickering would never end.

OLIVE KITTERIDGE (Dir: Lisa Cholodenko, 2014)

Starring: Frances McDormand, Richard Jenkins, Bill Murray, John Gallagher Jr., Zoe Kazan

A miniseries of happenstances where everything goes to shit. You wish for them to die already because you can’t keep watching them getting depressed over and over (ad infinitum).

3 WOMEN (Dir: Robert Altmann, 1977)

Starring: Shelley Duvall, Sissy Spacek, Janice Rule, Robert Fortier, Ruth Nelson

A film that I personally love. A perfect to end any year because of its dreamy, hyper-feminine nuances.

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