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Film Selections 04: Secrets

Film Selections 04: Secrets

“Seeing is of course very much a matter of verbalization. Unless I call my attention to what passes before my eyes, I simply won’t see it.” – Annie Dillard in Pilgrim at Tinker Creek, 1974

The means of divulging what we don’t see before us is always a challenge. Secrets are revealed and it is not easy to prepare for what’s to come.

As we try to untangle and hide the secret, we perform an act of secrecy so the commitment can be secured and stored, safe and sound. But what happens when people discover our secret? What will they think? What will they perceive? Will they deny the discovery of the secret or will they flaunt it just for the sake of seeing us miserable and in utter panic?

To elucidate the theme of secrets, as usual, I present to you, five films that depict the secrets and what happens when they are all revealed.


THE IMMIGRANT (dir. James Gray, 2013) Starring: Marion Cotillard, Joaquin Phoenix, Jeremy Renner, Dagmara Domincyzk, Angela Sarafyan

Ewa Cybulski just wants to be with her sister, away from their past lives back in Poland. Fate separates them, making Ewa meet Bruno and making her fortuitously wanted as the belle of the ball in New York City prostitution. But as she catches the gaze of every person, she stares at nothing and hides from the crowd.


THE PAST (dir. Asghar Farhadi, 2013) Starring: Bérénice Bejo, Ali Mosaffa, Tahar Rahim, Pauline Burlet, Sabrina Ouazani

The truth turned out to be more hurtful, and making it a secret again is tough. Just ask Marie and Ahmad.


CAT HOT ON A HOT TIN ROOF (dir. Richard Brooks, 1958) Starring: Elizabeth Taylor, Paul Newman, Burl Ives, Jack Carson, Judith Anderson

Whatever happened to Brick and Skipper?


THE NIGHT PORTER (dir. Liliana Cavani, 1974) Starring: Charlotte Rampling, Dirk Bogarde, Gabriele Ferzetti, Philippe Leroy, Isa Miranda

They reunite in Vienna when things have changed. Yet their passions are riddled with desire and uncertainty. Should they? And why?


PIECES OF APRIL (dir. Peter Hedges, 2003) Starring: Katie Holmes, Patricia Clarkson, Derek Luke, Oliver Platt, Alison Pill

When revealed, secrets can be fun and heartwarming. That’s what April thought with her previously dysfunctional family.

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